Articulator semi-adjustable
May 9, 2014
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Articulator Arcon Average

Articulator Arcon Average

Is a multipurpose device with a special design that allows for an efficient and meticulous study of occlusal relations, diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as performing quality dental restorations on both natural and false teeth.

An articulator carries mechanical devices that makes it adjustable for various methods and techniques, yet does not impair its simplicity, which is important and convenient for its use in everyday practice.

The process of denture/false teeth fabrication begins by using Facebow to fabricate the cast. More specifically, the dentist uses fork to place wax inside the patient’s mouth and have him/her bitten the wax; then the third indicator is set. The fabricated cast is then mounted on the articulator. Articulator is an appliance used to meticulously simulate all the possible movements of jaws on the casts (plaster cast). Here, cooperation of the dentist and technician is a must in order to get the best results.

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